The Dreaded Call of Cthubuntu Linux


If you missed this utterly brilliant article on Ars Technica by Ryan Paul — it appropriately ran on Halloween — I implore you to give The Call of Cthubuntu a read, especially if you’re a Linux geek. There’s not much more I can say, especially when it begins like this:

In the dark, abysmal depths, there dwell timeless alien horrors that once roamed the void of space in the ages before the earliest building blocks of life congealed within the primordial waters of our doomed planet. From far beyond the stars, they came to this world when it was young and forged mighty edifices in the inaccessible places where nothing else could exist, there to rest in dreamful torpor for endless aeons.
Though the presence of these Great Old Ones has long been obscured from humanity, we are surrounded by subtle signs and portents of the secret horrors that will one day awaken and rise from the depths to blot out our feeble existence. An artifact that prophesies their grim return has come into my possession: the dread Cthubuntu Linux distribution—an arcane relic of ineffable power that originated in a dark time beyond reckoning. The incomprehensible apparatus is an otherworldly chimaera forged by alchemical arts unknown to modern science.
It came into my possession after the sudden death of my mentor, an elderly UNIX system administrator who was wise in the ways of ancient lore. He was the head of the IT department at Miskatonic University and was regarded by many as an expert in the history of computer science. He was killed when a chair flung by an unseen assailant collided with his head; the mysterious circumstances of his sudden demise generated much speculation among his friends and colleagues. He had no children and no family, so I was called upon to oversee the execution of his will. (…read more,

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