Cloned Meat Entered UK Food Chain

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Image by Daniel Schwen

The BBC is reporting that food from a cloned bull entered the human food chain the United Kingdom. This fact was discovered by the Food Standards Agency, which was investigating the fact that a UK farmer said he’d used milk produced by a cow produced from a cloned parent. As it turns out, at least one cloned animal entered the food chain, for which legal approval woulda been required (and was not obtained).

The U.K. FSA, the U.S. FDA, and most scientists claim there is no detectable nutritional difference between cloned meat and non-cloned meat. Professor Hugh Pennington of Aberdeen University told the BBC that the concern is not about the content of the meat, but about the morality of using such animals for food. “People are concerned about playing God and that kind of thing… rather than producing products which are dangerous to eat. There’s absolutely no evidence for that, and I’ve got no expectation that any such evidence will ever emerge.”

Dissertation to Dirt links to a New York Times saying cloned meat has already gained a foothold in Europe; additionally, the Spanish cloned their first fighting bull this year.

Photo by Daniel Schwen, via Wikipedia.

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