The Coming of the Two-Wheeled Contagion

Photo by From Oakland Local's Flickr Stream.

It’s begun, people. The end of the world is nigh. Zombies are coming for you. Better use that turn signal!

First you hear the thump of approaching party music. Then a cry from a bullhorn: “Love that right lane, people!”

A loud chorus of energetic shouts: “BIKE PARTY! Yeah!” Ding ding ding go dozens of bike bells … and a torrent of nearly 200 happy bikers begins to sweep past.

Many of the bikes are decorated with Christmas-style lights, in addition to conventional headlamps and tail lights. A few are pulling trailers with impressive portable sound systems. A couple of scraper bikes dart through the pack.

As the tide swells and continues, you can’t help but notice that many of the riders are unnaturally pale – even greenish – with sunken eyes. Some have what appear to be gaping wounds and garish splashes of blood. Then you hear the hungry haunted groans, with an occasional plea: “Brrrraaaaaaiiiinnnnssss … .”

Amy Gahran’s wonderful writeup on Oakland Local is not, despite all appearances, new media journalism from the end of the world. It celebrates this year’s East Bay Bike Party, which has a theme every year. And this year? You guessed it! It was the ever-loving dead.

There’s an awesome set of photos on Oakland Local’s Flickr stream. It looks like a very cerebrophagic time was had by all.

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