Yale Pranked After Police Tasing

Yale Daily News reports that anonymous pranksters plastered Yale bulletin boards with “Get Tasered” ads today, in what the newspaper calls a “nod” to the “Get Tested” ads put up for Sex Week at Yale, which encourage students to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

The posters are a response to the tasering of a student when police, acting under the auspices of “Operation Nightlife,” attempted to “reduce violence” in New Haven, Connecticut by breaking up a Yale party called the “Morse-Stiles Screw” (??? whatever, Yalies), dressed in SWAT gear and carrying assault rifles.

New Haven Police described this as “an ‘enhanced’ police detail of about a dozen officers.” During the raid, the YDN reported that an uncooperative sophomore was “Tasered, jumped on and beaten in the middle of the dance floor by at least four New Haven police officers — as more than a hundred students looked on — because the student was ‘uncooperative during the raid.'”

“Operation Nightlife” occurred at club Elevate on Crown Street, the New Haven street where two weeks ago gunfire injured two men. Bizarrely, it also came three days after the New Haven Advocate published an article questioning police capability in Taser deaths. Since the incident, there’s been widespread outrage, including a dose of it from The Crimson, the student newspaper at Yale’s arch-enemy, Harvard.

Sure, the Yale campus cops and the New Haven police have reputations for tasing people willy-nilly. But would you want to go to Harvard? Harvard doesn’t even have a ballot box made from human remains. How can you call it a college?

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