Charlie Sheen Cartoon Roundup

The truth is, if Charlie Sheen was not already a cartoon character, it would have become necessary to make him one. Thankfully, the web has done exactly that.

First, as if previous perversions of The Family Circus hadn’t hurt my brain enough, some clever cat has started The Sheen Family Circus.

It’s about what you’d expect, if you’ve been paying any attention at all to the disturbing and tedious public meltdown Mr. Sheen seems to feel duty-bound to see to its sickening inevitable conclusion, if only to warn the rest of us mopes away from drugs. And by “inevitable conclusion,” I mean not an overdose or a flaming car wreck — that would be too easy. No, I mean a long stint in rehab and an eventual trip deep into the land of sanctimonious born-again Christianity, providing the foundation for Sheen to spend decades of touting the Lord’s message for all of us.

Anyway, with The Sheen Family Circus, the joke is, of course, that each of the bizarre captions comes direct from the mouth of Mr. Sheen.

His rambling and bizarre statements paired with the wholesome FamCirc images beat the dreamlike weirdness of the Kanye West Tweets / New Yorker Captioning Contest. But wait! This is the age of the mash-up, right? Popped Culture tips me off to Buzzfeed’s absolutely irresistible Charlie Sheen Quotes as New Yorker Cartoons which, even if they have the same mise-en-scene as Kanye’s Tweets, provide an entirely different view of celebrity. My absolute favorite is #4:

In case that just isn’t enough Charlie Sheen for ya, the Washington Post‘s blog has some of the highlights from editorial pages and around the web, including an amusing LOLCAT or 2, like so:

Medium Large, via the Washington Post.

Of course, this all started back in October with the Taiwanese cartoon tribute to Sheen’s hotel meltdown:

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