Crazy-Awesome Digital Spy Gear

Speaking of spying… Here in San Francisco’s Castro district, there are some pretty interesting things to see in the various Victorian windows at night — and you better bet these boys put on a show. Of course, it’s for each other, but as a (mostly) straight girl enjoying the ‘hood, I often imagine what kind of millions of dollars in rainbow cash I could make if I had the moxie to blog the telescope and binocular-ready action. Not that I would, because that’s just wrong. But if I did — or maybe if I took up a more wholesome pastime like birdwatching — I’d make the most of my peeping with Gadget Universe’s new 5.0 Mega Pixel LCD Digital Binocular Camera and their 3.1 megapixel Telescope with Video Capture.
Just sayin’.

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