Caroline Munro As Stella Star In Starcash

Just came across this great, older entry on the fabulous blog Cinebeats about 1970s glamour-horror movie princess Caroline Munro getting a gig writing about retro film for the Cinema Retro site. But, getting a peep at her role in Starcrash (and the scary-hilarious cast list) makes me want to see the film. Snip:

Caroline has always been one of my favorite Hammer glamour girls and I’m really looking forward to reading her upcoming column in Cinema Retro. It will be interesting to see what she has to say about the films she’s made and the people she has worked with.
In the meantime you can enjoy Caroline in this trailer for Luigi Cozzi’s Starcrash. Starcrash is a fun 1979 Italian Star Wars knock-off starring David Hasselhoff (yes, that David Hasselhoff), Christopher Plummer, Marjoe Gortner and Caroline Munro as the very sexy Stella Star. This might be one of the movies she would like to forget, but I think it’s worth remembering.

Dig the groovy YouTube Starcrash trailer clip, embedded after the jump. But that’s not all. Also watch — take a deep, dreamy breath — the David Hasselhoff light-saber robot battle.

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Proving that Hasselhoff is REAL ULTIMATE POWER:

More proof:

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2 comments on “Caroline Munro As Stella Star In Starcash
  1. Oh god, I remember that movie — I actually saw it at a drive-in when it came out. It was one of a flock of Star Wars ripoff movies from the late 1970s. Frighteningly enough, it was by no means the worst.
    Non-geeks of a certain age might better remember Ms. Munroe as the curious reporter in Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” video.

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