Everything Is Ok Police Line Tape

There are many layers of richness to this post over at Design Crack about a San Francisco design studio’s everything is ok tape, a la “do not cross” — but most especially that Design Crack’s second demo pic is of the tape strung around a recent crime scene in San Francisco at 16th and Mission (which by community standards is pretty much an ongoing crime scene for a plethora of reasons). Sayeth DC:

Mine, a San Francisco graphic design firm founded by Christopher Simmons, has sent me a press release for their ingenious project: OK Tape. Their project is showing at this year’s California Design Biennial along with many of the more well known objects of desire such as the iPhone ( you may have heard of this). Although the press release is more focussed on the Biennial, I would like to talk about this tape that says “Everything is OK” which is a play on police tape that is normally wrapped around crime scenes and reads something like “Danger”. Rarely do people point out enough when something is going well or at least status quo. I would love to put some of this around my house simply to announce to the neighbors, “Hey, we’re doing pretty well. Just thought you needed to know, so we put up some yellow tape around our house.”
The funny thing about this tape, though, is where Mine has decided to photograph the tape.


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