NASA Space Program Sabotage

I first saw it on Engadget, but the NY Post has more about what might be the first-ever (known) NASA space program sabotage by a worker. So awful — cut wires. Also, an aside: weird that the Post has a more complete story than anyone else. Snip:

The space program got another black eye yesterday when NASA revealed that someone sabotaged a computer meant to blast off into space aboard the shuttle Endeavour.
The damaged device, which was slated to be installed in the International Space Station, would have posed little danger had it not been detected.
But the act of sabotage is now the subject of an investigation by the feds.
“It is unusual to hear anyone intentionally damaging a piece of hardware that’s destined for space,” NASA spokesman Allard Beutel told The Post. “It’s not something that happens very often.”
NASA would only say yesterday that the damage was discovered by the subcontractor that manufactures the computerized measuring device and reported to officials a week and a half ago.
The agency could not speculate on why the instrument was damaged and could not say if one or more people were involved.
Sources said the saboteurs cut important wires inside the housing of the computer.


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