Wednesdays Are For Firey Accidents

Right now, the Minneapolis bridge accident is all over the news, where an entire span on an interstate bridge (in use, but under repair) collapsed into the Mississippi river, complete with burning truck and school bus clinging to one section of concrete slab (and like a Police Squad movie, Homeland Security is all over that action). Sadly, three are dead. But just last wednesday there was an even crazier firey accident, where just outside of Dallas, Texas (acetylene facility) Southwest Industrial Gas caught on fire. And blew up, like a lot. Firefighters couldn’t even get close because the high-pressure gas canisters flew fast and far when they’d ignite. The best video is this raw helicopter footage (also embedded after the jump) and taciturnal has this stunning aftermath photoset on Flickr (above via). The video is remarkably beautiful and mesmerizing…

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One comment on “Wednesdays Are For Firey Accidents
  1. thanks for the kind mention!
    i gave the place a few days to finish its popping off before i went out to see. hell on wheels, huh?

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