Visible Barbie Project Creepy *and* Fun


I can’t remember how I stumbled across this page (oh, maybe it was this NSFW HTML nightmare; I’ve had a fever) but the Visible Barbie Project is so silly and oogey it just fills me with gothy joy. Inspired by the Visible Human Project, it shows the bandsaw-driven, step-by-step of exploration of Barb’s inner workings (including the excellent ‘cryogenic lab’ in the kitchen, aka the freezer). To wit: “According to Pink’s Anatomy, I should be cutting across the central plane of the cerebrum right now. As you can see, however, the subject’s cranium is entirely empty except for a whole bunch of ingrown hair follicles. This subject may, indeed, have succumbed to an advanced case of BSE.” They do recommend that in the future, we should shave our Barbies before attempting this at home. Do click for all the “findings”.

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