Macworld Ruler, Again: Gelaskins

Gummi Anatomie (pictured) by artist Jason Freeny for the 15″ MacBook Pro is only $29.95.

Reflecting on day one of the last Apple Macworld, it seemed that every year it got worse; the popularity of Gelaskins has always made the booth a busy, frenetic draw (and then a practice in resigning to move on as people elbow their way up to the counter to buy their coveted gadget/laptop original art). This year was no exception; I tried eye contact a few times before giving up and realizing I’d need cold hard cash in hand, or a big camera to get a question in. I’m no exception to the fandom I witnessed; I want what they got, they have their business model right and their product selection is so hip and forward-thinking it hurts. MacBook, iPod, Nano, iPhone, non-Apple laptop, you name it — they’ve got multi-generation iterations of cutting edge skins (art) to trick out your tool or toy. But it matters not that they pass over the ordinary gawkers such as I; their products are hot and (at least on the first day) their booth was the most popular girl in the room — here’s why:


Never Mind by artist Stella im Hultberg for the 17″ MacBook pro is $29.95.



Gelaskins popularity (besides the required tech reporter clusterblog for the keynote) was second only to Wozniak giving his demo at Axiotron (where we happened to arrive just in time to hear him talking about managing stocks, which meant nothing to those of us proles who have none nor will ever have any, yet was amusing). The Axiotron ModBook Pro (a MacBook converted into a tablet Mac) is still a *true* object of desire.

photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Scott Beale in action, as The Woz talks about his money.

Fun at the Axiotron booth, quickly changed when my camera was spotted:

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