The Other Macworld WANT: Hangman


I meant to post about how much I wanted Neat Products’ Hangman yesterday, but today when I went back by the Gelaskins booth to say hi (and I got Bunny Blossoms on my Nano) — I got a chance to chat with the extremely nice, smart and witty Gelaskins guys. The booth was still packed. They love their jobs, and the artists they promote; Apple should really make a partnership with this hip company. But, the point here is, when I was chatting up Gelaskins they asked me if there was anything else I saw at the Expo that caught my eye. And the first thing I remembered I wanted really bad was a Hangman.

The Hangman booth just sold the one product — for only $14.95. And they gave me a quick demo: it snaps into an iPhone, Nano, iPod, iPod Mini (many generations here) with a strong stainless steel docking mechanism, and loops up the extra slack from your earbuds. Then, a steel D-ring lets you hook your gadget to beltloop or purse or whatever.
It’s so smart, clean and easy. I wish I’d picked one up. With the blingy iPopperz earbuds I was very graciously comped (I actually think they have better noise cancellation than my Skullcandys, though no mute function) it would make for a less fumbly bus or MUNI ride, while looking really cool.
So that was the other hot item this year. Modbook if you have the money, but to me a simple and fuss-free accessory like the stylish Hangman is far more practical.

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