The Titanic’s DNA In Clockwork: Romaine Jerome’s Skeleton Chronograph Tourbillon


Obsessed with artifacts of the macabre and creating exclusive clockwork “DNA” art pieces reminiscent of disaster, plus comprised of materials so rare and expensive few of us will even get nearer to them than a blo post — what’s not to love about Romaine Jerome’s Skeleton Chronograph Tourbillon watch? Only nine will be made and they’ll all be slightly different, though basics remain: the skeleton-arm dial is combines brass, black or, steel, pink gold 5N; they mix mat velvet finish, satin and shot-blasted finish for the Roman numeral XII. The Tourbillon carriage and the chronometry engine are illuminated by the use of pink gold 5N. Each will have 33 rubies, be comprised of steel and titanium, have hands “inspired by the anchor of Titanic”, the crystal will be sapphire, and along with the rubber strap will be water resistant. Ha.
According to the press page’s PDF:

“The rusted steel horological creations in the ‘Titanic DNA’ series features an oxidized steel bezel which is the result of an extraordinary blend of authentic steel from the wreck lying 3840 meters under the sea, and from the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where the Titanic was constructed nearly a century ago. Official certificates of authenticity guarantee the origin of materials used.”

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