Labor Day Gun Pr0n

Hello Kitty AR-15

Hello Kitty AR-15, customized by Drew at Armory Airbrush. Via

Does anybody know what Labor Day really celebrates? Guns! Weapons! America! The Second Amendment! The Can-Do Spirit of Heavily-Armed American Workers! The God-given right, written by Aaron Burr into the Constitution, to mutter obscenities under your breath in your cubicle secure in the knowledge that even if the beancounters in Accounting confiscated your stapler, they can’t take your Baby Eagle!

And if Jim one cubicle over is stockpiling shotgun ammo for his workplace flip-out? When he finally cracks he’s going to find himself facing a well-armed workforce of equally disgruntled workers who haven’t gone postal yet — but, oh nellie, Jim just gave ’em an excuse — and a target! Ooops! Sorry, Jim!

So as you laze about recovering from whatever life-affirming Labor Day ritual you spent last night involved in (no, don’t tell me! I don’t want to know), do your friendly neighborhood blogger a favor and indulge in some holiday gun pr0n. What could be more laborious than a Glock modified to shoot in fully automatic mode, its double thirty-round drum looking oddly like a pair of…look, I’ll let you work it out on your own.

But as you know if you’ve ever looked for gun videos on YouTube, just one is never enough. You can find more fully automatic Glocks if you want, like the same guy endeavoring to run 298 rounds through his Glock in full auto, presumably by way of proving that the things don’t jam — a pretty major accomplishment if you’ve ever fired a Thompson. (The first comment on that Thompson clip, by the way is “lol tommy gun, don’t smoke blunts and shoot tommy guns” — really good advice, I’d say. It’s hard to clear the Thompson’s frequent jams when you’re baked off your shizzle, fer realz.)

While we’re in on the Glock mania, check out this video of a Glock shooting full-auto with a 33-round straight magazine, and this talented Chow Yun Fat fan. And furthering our journey into the Glock Circus Acts Department, This audacious shooter also proves once and for all that you can shoot a Glock 19 underwater.

All you Glock-lovers and 9mm snobs aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a fine drum magazine. Unfortunately, purveyors of the Ruger P90 .45 ACP are apparently not quite as trigger-happy as the Glocksters, but just like to fondle. On the other hands, non-Hello-Kitty-loving AR-15 owners apparently love to abuse their weapons, as seen in this video where an AR-15 is fired at full auto until the gas tube catches fire (get comfortable — it takes about 3 minutes).

Happy Labor Day!

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