What to Do in a Zombie Attack

In much the same way that I am just now getting really into Lady Gaga, I’m sometimes a little behind the curve in my role as a “culture blogger.” That’s why I’m just now laughing sick over this magnificent Cold War instructional film, What to Do in a Zombie Attack.

It seems so campy now, but back when it was made, Zombism was a real threat. Remember those days? It was 2007; Eisenhower was president and wore a smart hat. Kids nationwide were doing The Twist. Elvis was on Ed Sullivan; Lucille Ball was dating Frank Sinatra. The Red Menace had infected Europe, and here on the home front, beatniks were everywhere. For a time, it looked like our American way of life might be threatened by both world Bolshevism AND things that wanted to eat our brains.

But we prevailed. Across our nation the rallying cry went out: “Better Dead than…um…”

Anyway, it makes for laugh-a-minute viewing, even if it is kinda, y’know, SO last year.

There are about eleventeen versions on YouTube; this appears to be the high-production value version. If you’d like it on DVD, with zombie-riffic out-takes and bloopers, not to mention a special “colorized” version, you can get it here. The filmmaker’s website has great stills and a link to his classes in flash basics and animation.

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