The Voice of Bigfoot?

Image from Zed's Zombie Ranch on Etsy.

ParaNikki over at Paranormal Utopia posted this audio recording today that claims to be the sound of Bigfoot yowling. The recording was made on February 4 and February 5 (that is, just last week). Here’s what Nikki says:

A Mount Ranier resident has audio recording from around his home of what he believes to be the cry of Bigfoot. Washington is in fact home of the Sasquatch, named by local Native Americans, and this post is absolutely haunting. The sound was heard over several days in the area by several residents and the following sounds are what one resident was able to catch on separate occasions. Whether or not it is the cry of Bigfoot, it certainly is a fascinating recording.


I admit to being mildly haunted by it, but at first I thought I was about to be Rickrolled. There’s a HELL of a lot of hiss and some mechanical clicking — anyone who’s done any field recording will recognize this as the sound that comes from handling a recorder.

Then, and my ears ain’t what they used to be, as far as I can tell the howl doesn’t show up until about 0:38, and then it’s faint. You have to turn the volume wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up, and if I were you I generally wouldn’t listen to strange bloggers who tell you to turn the volume way up. Especially since the clicking and whacking at 0:51 is likely to deafen you. Proceed cautiously.

At 0:54, the recording shifts to the next day, February 5 of this year. The second sequence starts with a slightly different-sounding cry that’s fairly clear; it sounds comparatively distinct starting about 1:25. Then at the very end, somebody whacks the recorder with ear-splitting volume, so be warned.

Bigfoot? Who knows. Listen here:

By the way, if you want to generate your own Bigfoot sighting, it turns out it’s easy as pie. Adorable!

Photo by Abbey Christine.

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