Video of MS Explorer Sinking in the Antarctic

National Geographic has some amazing video here (embedded video auto-start alert) of the sinking of the cruise ship MS Explorer, the first cruise ship ever built specifically to operate in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica; she also became the first cruise ship to sink there after striking an object, probably ice (you think?) near the South Shetland Islands on November 23.
The Liberian-registered ship was operated by GAP Adventures, which issued a statement that the ship was not sunk by an iceberg, but by pack ice, which is probably important to somebody, but damned if I could tell the difference anywhere but in my Johnnie Walker.
All 154 passengers and crew of the Explorer were rescued by a coordinated effort of the Argentine Coast Guard and the Chilean Navy.
Image: MS Explorer in 2005, by Constantine via Wikipedia.

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3 comments on “Video of MS Explorer Sinking in the Antarctic
  1. i loved every bit oh that little red ship i sailed on her twice jan 2005 and july 2007 so very sad but if she had to go then the southern oceon is what she would choose not some horrible breakers yard i feel a bit of me is down there with her sonia hallett

  2. While I knew what the story referred to, when I read the headline my mind went immediately to a certain browser and the possibility of a satirical video that promoted Firefox or Opera.

  3. Hello my name is James Bixler i want to know how long did the ship sink it look”s like the titanic all over again and Andrea Doira.

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